"A good photo is knowing where to stand." -  Ansel Adams

"A good photo is knowing where to stand." - Ansel Adams

Evade & Ignite - Photography by David Williamson

Welcome to the site. My name is David, or Dave if you're into the whole brevity thing. I'm a photographer and I shoot portrait, commercial and landscape photography. 

I studied Visual Communications at university during the early 2000s, and have been hooked on creating digital images since I picked up my first camera at that time.

I have worked as a Junior Art Director in an Ad Agency, a Freelance Web & Graphic Designer, an AutoCAD Technician, and now I'm putting all that experience together with my photography to create eye-catching photos to showcase, promote and market people, products and causes.

I like punchy, vibrant and dramatic images. But I love a design challenge, so I'll take on any mood or look.

It's Good to Talk

There is absolutely no obligation for getting in touch and chatting about what you need.

I'd love to help promote you, or your business, or whatever interests you pour your passion into. My email address and phone number are at the bottom of every page of this site, so let's talk, and create some fantastic images.

I see a photographer as a problem solver. It's his job to work with what's in front of him and provide you with what you need. 
Like MacGyver.. with a Nikon.

Location scouting at Glenoe Waterfall.